Captivating Long Exposure Photography In Outdoor Idaho

Beautiful outdoor bridge in Island Park, Idaho

In this long exposure photo, I was able to capture a beautiful bridge near the Riverfront Retreat in Island Park, Idaho. We set our cameras to 15 seconds and used a flashlight to light the bridge, the water and that one tall tree you see there. It was raining and very cold, but worth the shot and new skills learned from capturing this shot.

Outdoor Long Exposure using light tubes

I captured this as a light tube was being moved behind this model. It turned out quite fantastic and really shows what kind of magic can happen on a long exposure. This technique would make for a great ad campaign or captivating graphics.

Old Truck Long Exposure Shot

A personal favorite of mine, we set the exposure on our cameras to 10 seconds and commenced to paint this old truck with a flashlight. We put the flashlight on the headlights to really bring our the shine as if they were on. The long exposure and light painting really brought this picture to life.

Outdoor Long Exposure Astrophotography in Idaho

My first time capturing the milky way, and doing astrophotography for that matter, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. We set our cameras to 15 seconds with a really high ISO that helped us capture every inch of light that was coming from our beautiful galaxy. We did some light painting on the trees while all this was happening and captured some beautiful foliage to compliment the starry night sky.