Samuel Beck’s Phone Photography in Northeastern Idaho

  • Idaho Photography, Blurred Water

Long Exposure – I really enjoyed getting this blurred motion on such a beautiful waterfall. It was a small stream, but these cascades look just as majestic as a full 40′ waterfall. I simply took the picture on my iPhone XR and then used Long Exposure option to capture this.

Lens Compression – When I zoomed in, the background became bigger around my subject. I really enjoyed capturing these shots of the beautiful Victoria Tebet. Her dress, the colors outside, the hat- just gorgeous.

Portrait Mode – Taylor, my good friend, agreed to have this picture of him taken in Yellowstone National Park on Day 2 of our excursion. The process was simple: “Sit down, Taylor. Smile, Taylor.” I then took a picture of him on my normal phone camera and then one using Portrait Mode.

Yellowstone Idaho Phone Photography
A Yellowstone Hot Pool

Panorama – Wow, this was a site to see. Capturing this panorama was simple, but required a steady hand. As I first enjoyed the beautiful scenery, I then switched my phone to Pano Mode, which had me follow the arrow and capture this beautiful scene.

The amount of scenery in this beautiful state amazes me. There are so many other great places to photograph. Here’s a website that does Idaho Phone Photography: