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Post Production

3 Before and Afters Showing Post Production Skills BEFORE AFTER Such a beautiful couple. Layering this snowflake in fit perfect with the overall vibe of the photo since we had Christmas lights. The blue colors also add to the vibe, cooling down a once strictly warm...

Grand Teton National Park – Fine Art Print

Samuel Beck's Photo in Grand Teton National Park The beautiful Tetons brilliantly showing through the clouds and above the fall colored trees below. I captured this when my group took a quick stop by the river. I love how I was able to capture such a big, yet distant...

Fashionable Women Portraits

Samuel's Portraits of Women of Fashion Woman by a Christmas tree and fire Woman outside by a brick wall Married woman with flowers. Dancing woman in stretch pose. Laughing woman with hot coco.

Photos of Accessories, Rooms, and Things

Samuel's Photos of Accessories, Rooms, and Things Accessories These shoes portray this married couple beautifully. The shoes represent where you're headed in life. Marriage is a huge decision and is the beginning step of another part of life. A blue flowered tie. Hot...

Couple and Group Fashion Portraits

Samuel's Couple and Group Portraits A beautiful couple by the Christmas tree. The same couple but from an interesting angle from the side of the Christmas tree. A well dressed, happy smiling couple in the street. Dramatic lighting on a themed couple. Beautiful married...

Samuel Beck


Born in Las Vegas, raised in Del-Rio and Houston, TX, Samuel Beck brings a warm, small-town country feel to a memorable, upbeat pace of the city in his music.

"Dream big, get things done, and change the world."

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